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Canadian Ladies selected for the 2012 Women's team heading to Sakai Japan for the WUGC July 07-14. Toronto/Ottawa Capitals and six more from outside Ontario. Click on any photo to see the name of the player.
Danielle Fortin, Ottawa ©CraigStephen2011-  096Kristin "Rookie" Laurin, Toronto ©2010CraigStephen046Kaitlyn "Hoodie" Lovatt, Toronto  ©CraigStephen2011-  145Ann Mercier, Ottawa ©CraigStephen2011-  095Malissa Lundgren, Toronto ©CraigStephen2011 713Sarah Kidd, Toronto ©CraigStephen2011 355Kate Jardine, Toronto ©CraigStephen2011 113Martha Paterson, Toronto ©CraigStephen2011 190Sarah Udow, Toronto ©CraigStephen2011-  215Darcy Drummond, Guelph ©CraigStephen2011-  601Laurel Berkowitz, Toronto ©CraigStephen2011-  092Sonia Komenda, Ottawa ©CraigStephen2011-  094Sonia's Hat, Sonia's head ©CraigStephen2011-  121Josee Guibord, Ottawa ©CraigStephen2011-  083Kate Werry, Ottawa ©CraigStephen2011-  2496Sarah Boback, Ottawa ©CraigStephen2011-  065Kate Cavalarro, Ottawa ©CraigStephen2011-  101Carla DiFilippo, Toronto ©CraigStephen2011-  119Kira Frew, Vancouver ©CraigStephen2011-  239Ashlee Davison Vancouver ©CraigStephen2011-  122

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